Public Charities and Private Foundation Tax Returns

Public charities, fueled by diverse public support, engage directly in charitable activities. Their tax returns (Form 990) provide financial transparency. Private foundations, typically supported by a single entity, distribute funds to public charities.

Their tax returns (Form 990-PF) detail investments, grants, and expenditures. We help maintain the public’s trust in these organizations by disclosing financial details and adherence to regulations.

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Both filings, Mandated by the IRS help ensure Accountability & Transparency

Financial Tax Return Preparation

We specialize in preparing thorough and accurate tax returns for organizations, ensuring compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations.

Calculation of Trust Distributions

For organizations overseeing trusts, we manage the calculation of distributions in line with tax regulations, ensuring compliance and accurate allocation of funds while avoiding instances of double taxation..

Coordination with Other Professionals

We collaborate with legal advisors, financial planners, and other professionals to provide comprehensive support tailored to the organization's needs.

State Tax Filing Assistance

Our team provides comprehensive support for state tax filings, ensuring that organizations meet all state tax requirements accurately and on time.

Programmatic Expenditure Analysis

We conduct a detailed analysis of programmatic expenditures to ensure proper tracking and documentation of expenses, maximizing impact while staying compliant.

Electronic Filing and Online Support

We offer the convenience of electronic filing (E-filing) for tax returns, along with online support for easy access to assistance and resources throughout the process.

Benefits of using our Public Charities and Private Foundation Tax Returns Services

Efficiency in Grant Management

Professional oversight streamlines grant tracking and reporting, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance with regulations for public charities and private foundations engaged in grant distribution

Enhanced Governance Practices

Professional reviews of board governance structures ensure alignment with IRS guidelines, maintaining the integrity and transparency of public charities and private foundations.

Cost Efficiency

Reduce operational costs by outsourcing, accessing professional services cost-effectively and efficiently managing accounting, finance, tax, and audit functions.

Timely Compliance

Professional oversight ensures timely compliance with IRS requirements, avoiding penalties, and maintaining the tax-exempt status of public charities and private foundations.

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