Offshore Staffing for CPA Firms

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Offshore Tax Preparation Services

Join us in the journey of simplifying your financial tasks! We’re here to assist with tax documents, audits, and filing – making sure every detail is covered.Our team offers a higher perspective, meeting the needs of businesses of various types and scales.

Individual Tax Returns
  • Gather client information
  • Review client organizer
  • Compare with prior year tax returns
  • Initial review and send missing items list to the client
  • Tax returns preparation
  • E-file diagnostic clearance
  • Client follow-up / communication
  • Workflow management using SurePrep, Canopy and/or other practice management tool
  • Tax returns review
  • Tax Planning Support/Analysis
  • Continuing Professional Education
Partneship and LLC Tax Returns
  • Collect partnership/LLC finances
  • Assess organizer completeness
  • Compare with prior years
  • Initiate initial review, communicate gaps
  • Prepare and review tax filings
Corporation Tax Returns
  • Streamlined corporate tax services
  • Comprehensive tax planning and precise statements
  • Expertise in international tax compliance
  • Navigate global regulations, receive audit support
  • Efficient processes with advanced technology
Public Charities and Private Foundation Tax Returns
  • Tax Transparency Assurance
  • Accurate Donor Reporting
  • Grant Tracking Transparency
  • Program Expenditure Analysis
  • Executive Compensation Disclosure
State and Local Tax (SALT)
  • Nexus Compliance Assessment
  • State Tax Incentive Evaluation
  • Mergers & Acquisition Tax Advisory
  • Legislation Monitoring Service
  • Dispute Resolution Expertise
Tax Planning & Advisory
  • Evaluate current tax liabilities.
  • Identify and leverage tax credits.
  • Advise on transaction structuring.
  • Analyze income and expenses.
  • Provide guidance on retirement and wealth management.

Offshore Accounting Services

Explore the wonders of offshore accounting, where a company tracks its money from a different country. From keeping tabs on spending to handling taxes, we simplify financial tasks for a smoother experience.

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