Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

Globus Finanza’s Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Services involve external experts reconciling financial transactions, ensuring alignment between bank and credit card statements and company records.

By outsourcing reconciliation tasks, businesses benefit from meticulous financial oversight, reduced errors, and efficient identification of potential issues, allowing them to maintain precise financial records while focusing on core business activities.

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We ensure Accuracy, detect Discrepancies & enhance Financial Transparency

Transaction Coding

Implement a coded system for organized reporting and efficient financial management. Categorize business components, assigning specific codes.

Merchant Statement Reconciliation

Systematically verify the accuracy of charges and payments by conducting a comprehensive reconciliation of merchant statements. This process enhances precision in financial records.

Interest and Fee Monitoring

Continuously oversee, reconcile, and analyze interest charges and fees imposed by banks or credit card providers, ensuring accurate financial reporting and cost control

Currency Conversion

Effectively manage and reconcile transactions across various currencies, ensuring the accuracy of financial records by employing precise conversion rates.

Statement Verification

Validate monthly bank and credit card statements by comparing them with internal financial records, ensuring accuracy and identifying any discrepancies for prompt resolution.

Credit Limit Monitoring

Ensure compliance with credit limits by monitoring and reconciling credit card transactions. Regular monitoring and reconciliation activities are essential in upholding the proper utilization of credit.

Benefits of using our Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Services

Enhanced Financial Transparency

Promotes clarity by aligning external statements with internal records, reducing the chance of financial errors and enhancing overall transparency in financial reporting.

Fraud Detection

Outsourcing Account Receivables Management frees up valuable time and internal resources, allowing your team to focus on core business activities and strategic initiatives.

Credit Score Maintenance

Maintains credit scores effectively through timely reconciliations, preventing late payments and associated penalties, thereby contributing to a positive credit history and financial well-being.

Budget Precision

Facilitates precise budgeting by providing real-time insights into actual spending, allowing for adjustments and better financial planning to meet savings or investment goals.

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