Outsource Tax Preparation Services USA

Outsourcing individual tax returns to professional accounting services offers numerous advantages. Specialized firms stay updated on tax code changes, providing expert advice on deductions.

This streamlined process saves time, allowing individuals to focus on core activities. Outsourcing eliminates the need for in-house professionals and reduces the risk of costly tax mistakes and legal issues.

Outsource Tax Preparation Services | USA | Globus Finanza
Individual Tax Returns

Outsourcing individual tax returns offer numerous advantages, especially for US taxpayers dealing with the complexities of Tax Form 1040. We stay updated on tax code changes, providing expert advice on deductions.

Partneship and LLC Tax Returns

We specialize in Partnership and LLC tax returns, including the intricate US Tax Form 1065. These returns involve complex tax regulations and allocations of income and expenses among partners or members.

Corporation Tax Returns

Professionals navigate global regulations, provide audit support, and integrate advanced technologies for efficiency. Our proficiency extends to US tax form 1120, ensuring compliance with domestic tax regulations.

Public Charities and Private Foundation Tax Returns

Public charities, fueled by diverse public support, engage directly in charitable activities. Their tax returns (Form 990) provide financial transparency.

State and Local Tax (SALT)

Outsourcing State and Local Tax (SALT) at Globus Finanza refers to taxes imposed by individual U.S. states and local jurisdictions. These levies include income, sales, property and various excise taxes.

Tax Planning & Advisory

This involves strategic management of financial affairs to optimize tax positions. Professionals analyze financial data, interpret tax laws, and devise tailored strategies to minimize tax liabilities while ensuring compliance.

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